Schedule Your Catalog Appointments

You will have access to my editing calendar, so you can reserve all of your catalogs in the available time slots. 

Upload Your Lightroom Smart Previews Catalog

1-2 days prior to your appointment date, you will drag and drop your catalog files to my WeTransfer file transfer page. I will provide a URL link and detailed instructions for this simple process.

Editing Happens

When I receive your catalog, I will download the files and count the number of images that need to be edited and send you an invoice. Then, I will edit the photos according to the film scans and/or reference photos you provide in the catalog and your style specifications.

Final Edits Delivered

Within the agreed upon timeframe after your scheduled appointment, your catalog will be ready for you.  I will email you a link to download the Final Edit zip file. You will see the final edits as you import the edited file into Lightroom. 

Process Steps

I will take care with your images as they are pieces of your art and also a remembrance of someone’s love story.

As your private photo editor, I will provide a consistent and high quality experience that delivers images on time in your unique style.  For investment information, please complete the Outsourcing Questionnaire (Next Steps below).

      - Application of Presets, if applicable
      - Color correction
      - Exposure adjustments
      - Cropping and Straightening
      - All editing options in the Lightroom Develop Basic Panel
      - Scheduled photo editing
      - Step-by-step documentation of the workflow
      - An easy file exchange system

     - Culling
      - Small blemish correction

Photo Editing Services

Next Steps

Premier editing

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