My editing rate is $0.25 per image for catalogs larger than 150 images. For smaller galleries of 150 images or less, I have a flat rate of $40.  Please complete the Outsourcing Questionnaire to receive a copy of my Services and Pricing Guide.

Payments are due before starting the service. An invoice will be sent your way when I have successfully received and checked the catalog to be edited. All credit cards are accepted through Stripe.

YES! You will complete a questionnaire and/or schedule a short consultation to provide all the elements related to your brand. In this way you can share your style from cropping & presets to color correction. Working together and with your feedback I will learn your editing workflow in different light situations. To ensure consistency and staying true to your editing style, you will supply film scans and some "anchor" images. These are images that you have edited that I can refer to as I match the rest of your catalog to different lighting and environment situations.

Absolutely. I will only use your presets/profiles when editing YOUR work.

I edit exclusively in the latest version of Lightroom Classic (LrC). To ensure best results and easy catalog sharing, please use the latest version of LrC and Smart Previews. I perform the edits on LrC Smart Preview catalogs. If you are not sure what that is or how to do it, no worries, I will send you a step by step instruction sheet to reference whenever needed.

You will use my custom upload page to drag and drop your prepared files.  When the catalog has been edited, I will send a link to your email. Use this link to download the Final Edit zip file. If you're not sure what that is or how to do it, that's okay, I will send you your very own step by step instruction sheet to reference whenever needed.

The short answer is no. As this service can be creatively subjective and "perfect" is subjective to the client, I ask my clients to agree to grant a fair range of grace in that the Client may want to re-edit 1-5% of a Catalog. I ask my clients to send feedback about any necessary adjustments after Catalogs have been processed. Feedback is the only process in which I can improve the edits to the clients' preference.

I'd be happy to do a sample catalog for you of 50 images or less. That way you can see first hand how it works. No strings attached! If you would like to proceed with the free trial run, just click here.  

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