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     I love spending time with my husband and kiddos, learning new things, any beach, 70's music, redecorating my home and needlework—not necessarily in that order. I spend my free time scouring Pinterest for ways to torture my husband, and by that I mean DIY home decorating projects.

My favorite things

My motto:

Be Beamish

     Okay, I am just going to say it… I am a bit of a workaholic and a wannabe geek. I tried retirement, but I couldn’t stand it. I thrive on the challenge of mastering new software programs. I really enjoy working with Adobe Ps and LrC.

     I am also a bit of a romantic. I love my mom and dad’s romance story. Picture this (no pun intended)…it was during WW II. My dad was a young sailor on shore leave in Oakland, California. My mom was an Iowa farm girl who, being the adventurous type, had moved to Oakland with a girlfriend to find a job in the “big city”. The two people who would eventually marry, raise a large family, and love each other till death (63 years later) met at a Navy Mother’s Club social. My mom was handing out donuts. For my dad, it was love at first sight. They married soon after dad was discharged from the Navy. So classic! It’s an honor to be a bit involved in turning out the portraits of people’s love stories.

Why I love this job.

     I really care about your art and your business. I only work with a limited number of photographers each year, so I can be accessible to you during peak seasons. I want to ensure that I can meet or exceed your deadlines, so you can provide your clients with their exquisite pictures as promised. I hope to be part of your team and develop a working relationship based on mutual trust.

     I provide a professional and easy workflow for the process. The last thing you need is a complicated or time-consuming process when you are paying to outsource the photo editing. This needs to be quick and painless on your end. To that end, I will be available to answer questions and help you work out the kinks, should any arise. I will provide easy to follow instructions for each step in the process. I will send you URL links for catalog exchange, appointment calendars, anything you need.

Why you can trust me

     I provide professional photo enhancements for wedding photographers using Adobe Lightroom. I can do image processing manually or based on your film scans, presets, and/or profiles, following your unique style.  I work with professional hybrid fine art photographers that describe their style as classic, timeless, and authentic. I am excited to meet you, and to see what opportunities arise for us to work together.

Hello. I'm Mindy. Guerra

beamish \ ˈbē-mish \ Beaming and bright with happiness, optimism or anticipation.